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There is no flight to Pulau Perhentian directly as there isn’t a Perhentian Island airport. The next best thing to a flight to Perhentian though is a flight to Kota Bharu (the nearest airport to Perhentian Islands) or Kuala Terengganu.

It’s faster getting to Perhentian Islands from Kota Bharu airport and there are more flight options to here, so I recommend checking this airport first.



As mentioned the nearest airport to Kuala Besut jetty (where you get the ferry to the islands) is in Kota Bharu.  Currently, there are domestic flights to Kota Bharu with Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Malindo and Firefly. There are also international flights from Singapore with Scoot.

Flights are mostly to and from Kuala Lumpur, but they also exist between Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

Flying between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu takes about an hour.


From the airport, you can take a taxi directly to Kuala Besut where you will need to go for the ferry (about one hour away) or you can take two buses




The ferry to Pulau Perhentian jetty leaves from Kuala Besut jetty which you can reach by using the above instructions.  In reality, it isn’t a big ferry but rather a small speed boat that holds about 15 people. Note that the boats can be overloaded, uncomfortable and you can get wet so keep valuables safe.

You can buy tickets beforehand or check timetables here or on arrival at the jetty area. There are multiple stalls and tour agency selling tickets. The usual price is RM70 return.

Better resorts sometimes have their own ferries so if this appeals, check to see if this is the case before you leave.  Often this is more expensive then the speed boats – however, it is more convenient.

You can also hire a private boat to travel to Perhentian Islands if you chose. This is substantially more than a ferry ticket and likely to cost about RM400.

Before getting on your boat to Pulau Perhentian, you need to pay the environmental fee. This currently costs RM30 for foreigners and RM5 for Malaysians. You pay this at a separate stall on the left-hand side of the departure area.

When it comes time to hop on your boat, make sure you find the right one! The boat operator should match the operator on your ticket. There are plenty of people around to ask for help if you are confused.

The trip to Perhentian Island usually only takes about 45 minutes – exactly how long will depend on which beach you are going to as the boats stop at multiple locations. Your boat operator should ask you which beach you are going to when you hop on board.  Check which beach with your resort in advance.




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